The work starts

As we come to the end of the first week with the contractors on site, we thought an update on how the work is progressing may be helpful.

The work is running to schedule and the clearing of the remaining fixtures and fittings has now been completed. The real demolition work will start next week. This is when the sledge hammers will come out and the internal walls will come down. The contractors have agreed to try to carry out the noisiest work outside of peak hours.

Hoist outside SSBOne of the large second floor windows has been removed and a hoist is now in place providing an interesting access route for the contractors and all the necessary materials to the second floor!

As part of general maintenance work two of the AET labs on the third floor; LS304 and LS305 will also be closed from Monday 22nd June for approximately six weeks. The Main IT lab; LS406 on the fourth floor will remain open as normal.

It labs at HY

Meanwhile work continues on refurbishing three of the IT labs at Headingley. When finished they will be lighter and brighter, similar to the labs that were refurbished in Summer 2014.


Have you spotted these?

Image of transfersIf you have walked through the Leslie Silver Building recently you may have seen our new display on the large Library windows. They provide a nice splash of colour as you walk through.

They list lots of things you can do and achieve when using the Library, as well as helping to keep you informed.

They’ve not gone unnoticed as we’ve already had a positive comment from a member of University staff.

Image of positive tweet about the new window signs

Why not let us know what you think of them! @beckettlibrary