Loving your Library!

Thank you for all your feedback last week on our Valentine’s Boards. We really appreciate you taking the time to post your notes.img_1092

We asked you what you loved about the Library or what would make you love us more.

We’re really pleased that you said you loved our staff, 24/7 opening, laptop loans and some of our study spaces.

But what would make you love us more?

  • More anatomy books online – try www.anatomy.tv – ask Library staff for more info about how to log on to this resource.
  • Fix the Wi-Fi – work has been done to improve the wi-fi so please bring your devices to the Help and Information Point if you’re still having problems so we can get you connected.
  • Water fountains in Headingley Library – unfortunately James Graham is a listed building with limited plumbing facilities.  The University’s supplier carried out detailed surveys to see if more could be provided but there are only a small number of places where fountains can be installed so that the water is safe to drink. There is a fountain near the vending machines on the ground floor of James Graham as well as just outside JG250.
  • Toilets in the Headingley Library – we agree that it would be good to have more toilets in the Library but again the listed building status and plumbing limits what our Estates team is able to provide.
  • Air con / heaters – we know the temperature in the Library isn’t always ideal and we’re working with Estates to try to improve things.
  • More windows in Sheila Silver Library – we can’t add more windows to the building unfortunately but as we’ve refurbished each floor we’ve moved as many study spaces as possible near to them to take advantage of the natural light.
  • If it wasn’t so busy – we agree it can get very busy in the Library and we are looking at ways to let you know where the quieter spaces are.


Remember if you have any other feedback about the Library you can speak to a member of staff or complete a What’s Your View card.


Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back to the Library – we hope you had a wonderful Christmas break.

We know lots of you have exams in January but we’re here to help as much as we can – here’s a reminder of everything that is available – from silent study space to motivational playlists.

If you feel you’ve done enough revising and want to focus on a new resolution or find new things to do have a look at our Resolutions Pinterest Board.

And if you were lucky enough to receive a shiny new laptop or mobile don’t forget to connect it to Eduroam as soon as you’re back on campus and download Office 365.


As always, Contact us if you need any help.


Working on the Wi-Fi

Why is there building work going on in the Headingley Campus Library right now?

During November contractors for IT Services will be working throughout the James Graham Building (including the Library) to install additional Wi-Fi access points. They will be installing hardware in many rooms and corridors and running cabling through the ceilings to connect this hardware to the system.  There will be some noise and disruption, but the network itself is expected to remain stable throughout, with the exception of some brief disruption in the group study area on the ground floor.

We know this is disruptive to your studies, however, this is to improve the Wi-Fi in the Library and James Graham Building. The upgrade will increase the number of  Wi-Fi access points from 90 to 153 and should significantly improve the performance of the eduroam wi-fi network.

Why are you doing this in the middle of term?

We always try to carry out building work during holidays to reduce disruption for you. However, the James Graham improvement works couldn’t be completed over the Summer and, as you probably know, the performance of the Wi-Fi has been problematic this term.  We thought it was preferable to fix it as soon as possible and tolerate some building work in the meantime.

We are working with IT Services and the contractors performing the work to ensure that they cause as little disturbance as possible. However, if you experience problems and need help, please do ask us, or let us know how you feel about the issue in general by submitting a What’s Your View comment.