New helpers in the Sheila Silver Library!

Unfortunately we’ve had to close sections of the third floor of the Sheila Silver Library as part of the ongoing refurbishment work taking place. This has meant that students and staff have been unable to access the book stock and as a result we’ve been asking them to put holds on anything they needed from there. However we then foundCapture that Library staff were not allowed on the floor as large sections of the floor are missing!

So we found a solution by enlisting the help of two of the people who have been carrying on the electrical cabling work on the floor:

Introducing Terry and Harvey!

Terry and Harvey have been kindly collecting all the books on our holds (pickings) list off the shelves and putting them on a trolley ready for Library staff to pass onto the people who have requested them. They have even helped to put some of the books back on the shelves.

Terry consults the list ready to get picking!
Terry consults the list ready to get picking!

We thought it would be nice to introduce them and ask them a few questions. Neither of them have worked on the redevelopment of a library before although Harvey frequently uses his local public library for both himself and his family.

When asked about the finding the books using the Dewey system both Harvey and Terry said they hadn’t used it before but had found the books relatively easy to find. Terry added that he did think it would be easier if they were in alphabetical order! A nice idea but not that simple when you think of all the books with similar titles but very different subject areas.

We’re really grateful for all the help that they have provided as it has meant that we have been able to keep the service open and ensure that people have had access to the resources they have needed.

Harvey collects the books
Harvey collects the books

Terry and Harvey have done such a great job – we think they’re welcome to come in anytime and help us to find some of the over 33,000 holds requested each year or shelve one of 2,600 trolleys of books!


It’s never too early to start!

As work continues on the second floor of Sheila Silver Library Library staff are already starting to work with our Estates team on plans for the first floor refurbishment which will be taking place in summer 2016.

An initial meeting took place recently to discuss both what and who will have to move off the floor, including furniture, printers, PCs and people!  Academic Librarians and other Library staff are currently based on the first floor so temporary accommodation will need to be found for them as well as new longer term homes.

We’ve also started to count the number of bays of books on the first floor to work out how much space will be needed for current stock and areas of growth as our curriculum continually changes.


If you have any thoughts or ideas about what you would like to see as part of the ongoing refurbishment or find useful to support your studies please let us know. You can Contact Us via the Library website or tweet us @beckettlibrary #librefurb

How many?…!

Work began today on moving over 85,000 books to their temporary locations in the Library as part of the refurbishment. In detail:

  • 108 bays of books will move from the ground floor to the first floor = 648 shelves = approx. 19440 books (based on an average of 30 books per shelf)
  • 78 bays will move from the second to the first floor = 468 shelves = approx. 14040 books
  • 288 bays will move from the second to the ground = 1728 shelves = approx. 51840

So that also means lots of trolleys to transport them!


More information where all the books will be found from the end of the week is available here but if you’re looking for a book whilst they are being moved the best thing to do is to put a Hold on it. Please ask Library staff for help if you’ve not done this before or take a look at our web page and video.