And so it begins…

It’s been a busy week for the start of the refurbishment of the first floor in Sheila Silver Library:

  • 31 members of staff moved offices: Academic Librarians are now in rooms 402 and 403 and our Learning Systems team have headed off to Queen’s Square House
  • We’ve moved the PCs from the first floor into storage and the labs have been emptied of furniture
  • All the furniture from the rest of the floors will be moved by Monday 6th June


In addition Media Loans and Staff IT Services have started the move back into their lovely refurbished spaces in both Headingley and Sheila Silver Libraries.

HY media loans

Week beginning 6th June sees:

  • signage arriving to signpost you to where services can be found during the refurbishment
  • a colour printer moving to the ground floor
  • contractors setting up their cabins ready to start work on Monday 13th June

We’ll keep you up to date here with all the developments but you can also follow #librefurb at @BeckettLibrary or take a look at our FAQs on our website.


It’s not just the staff at City Campus that have been busy…………

Staff at Headingley have also been working hard getting the Library ready for the new academic year.

The book stock has been on the move in the main book room as the stock from the Language Resource Area on the ground floor is moving up onto the first floor.

Books moving

If you need help finding any of the book stock whilst it is on the move, please speak to Library staff.

Work refurbishing the IT labs also continues. All the decoration work is now complete and the new PCs are currently being installed. New PCs are also being provided in the Student Meeting Rooms.

IT lab







There is currently no access to the IT Labs on the second floor so please use the PCs on the ground floor or try out our new self service Laptop Loans. Staff will be happy to help show you how to use this.

It’s never too early to start!

As work continues on the second floor of Sheila Silver Library Library staff are already starting to work with our Estates team on plans for the first floor refurbishment which will be taking place in summer 2016.

An initial meeting took place recently to discuss both what and who will have to move off the floor, including furniture, printers, PCs and people!  Academic Librarians and other Library staff are currently based on the first floor so temporary accommodation will need to be found for them as well as new longer term homes.

We’ve also started to count the number of bays of books on the first floor to work out how much space will be needed for current stock and areas of growth as our curriculum continually changes.


If you have any thoughts or ideas about what you would like to see as part of the ongoing refurbishment or find useful to support your studies please let us know. You can Contact Us via the Library website or tweet us @beckettlibrary #librefurb

The books have moved

Preparation work for the refurbishment of the second floor of the Sheila Silver Library continues at a fast pace.  Over 85,000 books and 474 bays of shelving have now been moved.

All of the books are now in their new homes. This has included moving stock into two IT labs (G28 and G29) on the ground floor.

G29 before and after the books arrive
G29 before and after the books arrive
Books 000-306.39 can now be found on the Ground floor
Books 000-306.39 can now be found on the Ground floor

The new locations for all of the book stock in the Library are:

  • 000-306.39 – Ground Floor
  • 306.4-339.99 – G29 Ground Floor
  • 340 -349.99 (Law) – Third Floor
  • 350 – 599.99 – G28 Ground Floor
  • 600-799.99 – First Floor
  • 800 – 999 – Third Floor

The archive which was previously on the second floor has also been packed up. Some items will be taken to the Headingley archive, but the majority has been put into storage. For more information about this please contact

Once all the books have been moved and the second floor has been cleared, the construction work will begin.

At Headingley Library work has now started on the refurbishment of the IT Labs.  Three of the IT Labs on the second floor (219, 221 and 225b) are being given a new look and feel to match the style of the labs that were revamped last summer.

empty labs
Work has now started on the refurbishment of the IT Labs on the second floor of Headingley Library

It’s been a busy week

Library staff and our suppliers and contractors have all had a very busy week as the Sheila Silver Library refurbishment has got under way. Work has started to clear the second floor ready for its update. The book stock is being moved and the PCs have been disconnected and packed up. The majority of the 186 bays of books moving to the first floor are now in their new home. That’s more than 33,480 books moved in one week! Remember if you’re looking for a book whilst all this movement is taking place, the best option is to put a hold on it. Please ask Library staff if you’ve not done this before, or have a look at our handy hold video Please note that your holds could take slightly longer to arrive than normal as we may have to check a number of trolleys / shelves on a number of floors to find the book! G28-29 The remaining books on the second floor will begin their journey to the ground floor next week. Two ground floor IT labs (G28 & G29) have been cleared to make way for them. IMG_0632 Meanwhile back at Headingley Library we’re loving our brightly coloured edition to the ground floor.  These are the lockers which have been installed for 24/7 self service laptop loans, due to be up and running for September 2015.

How many?…!

Work began today on moving over 85,000 books to their temporary locations in the Library as part of the refurbishment. In detail:

  • 108 bays of books will move from the ground floor to the first floor = 648 shelves = approx. 19440 books (based on an average of 30 books per shelf)
  • 78 bays will move from the second to the first floor = 468 shelves = approx. 14040 books
  • 288 bays will move from the second to the ground = 1728 shelves = approx. 51840

So that also means lots of trolleys to transport them!


More information where all the books will be found from the end of the week is available here but if you’re looking for a book whilst they are being moved the best thing to do is to put a Hold on it. Please ask Library staff for help if you’ve not done this before or take a look at our web page and video.