Languages for all!

For European Day of Languages, we’re highlighting all the beautiful language books we have in the Library. The majority of language books can be found at Headingley Library, but there is also a selection at the Sheila Silver Library. Also, remember that you can place a hold in order to have books from Headingley sent to City Campus for collection if that is easier for you

Starting a part-time language course over the next few weeks? You may well be in need of some grammar and vocabulary books or text books to ensure that you can learn as effectively as possible.

arriveLa conjugaison pour tous : dictionnaire de 12000 verbes is very useful if you are learning French

We also have a wide selection of dictionaries which will be an important addition to any textbooks and online resources such as Collins Russian dictionary


 Why not try some easy fictional reading to stretch your foreign language reading skills. bibliotecaLa biblioteca by Isabel Marijuán Adrián

Or if you need listening practice, some of our resources include audio packs which are great for listening to on the way to uni.


Try  Talk Italian : the ideal course for absolute beginners.  We’re loving the scooters on the front!

If you’re jetting off for a city break, grab a phrasebook before you go such as the Collins Dutch phrasebook.


japaneseAnd to finish our recommendations we’re going further afield because we think The Usborne First Thousand Words in Japanese has to be one of the cutest books in the Library! And highly informative at the same time.


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