Choose the right place to study

A161122-2 Library City Campus-24

Now that it is busy in the Libraries it’s important that you choose the right place to study. Whether you need to work in a group on an assignment or want to revise for exams we have the space for you, available 24/7 every day of the year. (Please remember to bring your Campus Card with you to access the Libraries – from Monday 24 April you’ll need it 24/7 for Sheila Silver Library and overnight at Headingley)

Both Headingley and Sheila Silver Libraries have silent study and group study space and there are also other social learning spaces around campus.  Have a look at our Studying in the Library web page for more information.  You can also book Student Meeting Rooms. Remember to book these in advance, as they can book up quickly.

Disability Resource Areas are also available in the Library for students registered with the Disability Advice Team. These areas are open 24/7 for independent, silent study.  If you need to work with others please book a Student Meeting Room.

You can also use the IT labs if they are not being used for teaching: just check the timetables outside; and use PC Availability so you know where the free PCs are before you come into the Library. If you’re bringing your own laptop with you make sure you’re connected to eduroam wi-fi or why not borrow one of our Library laptops.

Finally please don’t “claim” study spaces or use a laptop  at a PC study space. This isn’t fair, and takes valuable study space away from other library users.2015-04-14 14.01.37


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