Beat the exam blues!

It’s nearly that dreaded time again but here’s a reminder of all the help available from the Library during exams:exam Capture

But please:

  • make sure you take regular breaks – water fountains in each Library can help you keep hydrated.
  • look after your wellbeing – see our Pinterest Board for ideas or take a break . We’ve also created Spotify playlists for relaxation and motivation for you to listen to depending on your mood!
  • don’t chat when others are working in silence
  • don’t use the PCs for social networking when others need to work
  • and don’t “save” study spaces by leaving your belongings on them.2015-04-14 14.01.48

Good luck! And remember to Contact Us if you need any help





What’s going on with the clipboards?

If you see Library staff around the building with large clipboards or laptops, don’t be alarmed – we are just carrying out one of our regular headcounts. We do this for a week every month from October to May.


We do a headcount in each area of the Library, and note where people are sitting and whether people are using PCs, books, tablets and laptops. So please excuse us if we are peering over at your table!

This information helps us tailor our services to your needs. It also helps us gain information about popular study spaces, levels of PC occupancy, how many of you bring in your own devices and how many use books to study.

headcounts4We are currently using a low-tech pen, paper and clipboard approach in the Sheila Silver Library and trialling a new online system using laptops at Headingley Library.

Information from the headcounts contributes to decisions aboutheadcounts3 the current refurbishment of the Sheila Silver Library, such as planning what kind of seating and tables will be installed on the new first floor.

I need some quiet around here!

Everyone is different in how they like to study and so the Library provides a range of study environments to meet your needs.141201_library-city_DSC_6700

The main Library areas are for students to work in groups, as we know many of your assignments ask you do this. We do also have separate Silent Study areas which become increasingly popular as we get to the end of the academic year and exams and finals.

These can be found in

  • Sheila Silver Library: room 105 and the second and third floor silent study areas
  • Headingley Library: two silent study rooms on the first floor (overlooking the Acre)
  • Food and drink are not allowed in Silent Study.  Please switch off your mobile phones.

Library staff and Security patrol these areas, especially during exam revision time and you’ll be asked to move if you are talking or your behaviour disturbs other students.  You can also contact Library staff if you have any concerns – you can come to the Help and Information Points; tweet us (@beckettlibrary) or send us an email or chat.



Open Access: to the General Benefit of Mankind?

When he inaugurated the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society in 1665, Henry Oldenburg, first secretary to the Royal Society, established the principles of scientific priority and peer review that are still the bedrock of scholarly communication in the 21st century:  


Today, the Open Access (OA) movement is working to make research open and free to everyone. This is a global effort to make scholarly work available online to everyone regardless of their ability to pay for access. Not only can you access the articles you want to read for free, OA helps to accelerate research and increase impact. Researchers in the developing world are able to access global research and on a practical level, research funding bodies increasingly require that the end result of their funding is made accessible to all.

On the 1st April 2016 a new Open Access policy from HEFCE came into effect that requires authors to deposit their final peer-reviewed manuscripts in a repository. Instructions on how to do this are available on the Library website and you can search over 2000 articles in the Leeds Beckett Repository.


For more information, please get in touch with the Research Services team ( or tweet us @BeckettResearch.

Image credit: Oldenburg, H. (1665) Epistle Dedicatory [Online image]. Available from: [Accessed 01 April 2016].