What’s happening to AV Loans?

The AV Loans Counters in Headingley and Sheila Silver Libraries are being refurbished to create new and exciting spaces for the University’s IT Service Desk which supports staff with IT queries and lends audio-visual equipment to staff and students.

IT Services aims to create a streamlined area for staff needing help with IT/AV queries and for both staff and students to borrow equipment to support teaching and learning. These new spaces will also enable staff to drop in to the Service Desk for help with their own devices.  The diagram below shows the new layout for the area in Sheila Silver Library.


Construction of the new area at Headingley begins on 4th April and at City on 11th April and is due for completion by the end of May 2016.


We’re sorry that this work is happening during term-time and we’re doing everything we can to keep noise and disruption to a minimum, with the noisiest work taking place in the early morning before the Libraries get too busy. Please use alternative study spaces in the Library if you are disturbed by the noise.


During the refurbishment you will still be able to borrow some AV equipment and get help from:

  • JGG41a on the ground floor of Headingley Library
  • CL116 in Calverley

But you might want to check first that the equipment you need is in stock by:

If you have any questions about the relocation or refurbishment of the Help Services areas, please contact Eleanor Draycott, Help Services Manager on x.27585 or e.draycott@leedsbeckett.ac.uk.


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