“Please let me live here”….. and other feedback on the Second floor

You may have noticed a number of whiteboards dotted about on the newly refurbished second floor of Sheila Silver Library asking you what you think about the refurbishment work.

We have had a brilliant response – thank you!

We’ve received lots of positive feedback and some really useful comments including some nice pictures. We’ve also enjoyed our conversations with you when we’ve responded to some of the comments you’ve posted.

whiteboard 4

The comments seem to show that you like the:

  • Overall theme and lay out11.10.15 print room
  • Colour scheme
  •  Variety of furniture
  • Introduction of USB / Plug socketsboard




Some people commented that it is similar to the third floor, this was a deliberate design decision to help link the areas and hopefully make it easier to find key services. However we have made changes based on feedback from last year, for example clustering the Student Meeting Rooms to make them easier to find. We’ve also added some of the things you told us you’d like e.g. extra plug points and the introduction of USB points.

The boards will stay on the second floor for another week, so please continue to tell us your views. You can also tweet us @BeckettLibrary #librefurb.



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