Welcome to the second floor!

The second floor of the Sheila Silver Library is now open to students after its refurbishment!

group study no people

After a very busy summer of building work, all floors in the Library are open once again. The second floor now includes:

  • A similar look and feel to the third floor (refurbished in 2014)
  • Areas for group study and silent study
  • Six bookable Student Meeting Rooms with plasma screens
  • Postgraduate Research Room
  • Central support hub for printing and binding (which will be installed later this week)
  • Bookstock numbers 600-799
  • Electrical sockets and USB charging points on many desks
  • Moveable whiteboards

While most of the furniture is similar to that on the third floor, we’re trying something new in the area outside the Student Meeting Rooms where we now have two study booths which give students a comfortable place to do quiet group work:

study booths no people

The first floor of the Library is now all study space and doesn’t have any bookshelves. This is because the first floor will be refurbished next summer, and moving books costs a lot of money … reducing what we spend on moving books this year increases the amount of money we have to spend on other parts of the project like furniture and technology. Books will be moved back onto the first floor in October 2016.

In the meantime, you can bring books and journals to the first floor while you’re studying, and feel free to leave them on a desk or a trolley when you’re done.


We’re excited about the results of the second floor refurbishment and hope students and staff will be thrilled with it. There are feedback walls available on the floor so please let us know your views.


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