How many?…!

Work began today on moving over 85,000 books to their temporary locations in the Library as part of the refurbishment. In detail:

  • 108 bays of books will move from the ground floor to the first floor = 648 shelves = approx. 19440 books (based on an average of 30 books per shelf)
  • 78 bays will move from the second to the first floor = 468 shelves = approx. 14040 books
  • 288 bays will move from the second to the ground = 1728 shelves = approx. 51840

So that also means lots of trolleys to transport them!


More information where all the books will be found from the end of the week is available here but if you’re looking for a book whilst they are being moved the best thing to do is to put a Hold on it. Please ask Library staff for help if you’ve not done this before or take a look at our web page and video.


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